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2015-01-04  I'm back.  For now.  With capitalisation.  A $99 computer from     b
            Staples and a new $65 hard disk drive from a local computer        l
store made it so.  And some family-free time.                                  o
I was surprised to see that the LCS still existed.  I figured with all the     b
social media, pay-it-forward, YOLO, bucket list, selfie, mash-up bullshit that l
has ruined computers for the truly deserving, the ones who have put their time o
in, with emotional scars to prove, LCSes surely would have disappeared.        g
I enjoy blaming social media for everything that is wrong with this world.     l
The only thing that can save us now is for Yellowstone to erupt with all her   o
fury.  It's selfish of me to think this way, especially for my children,       g
but honestly, let 'er rip.                                                     b
2015-01-05  I promise you, this will not be a daily thing.  The main reasons   o
            for resurrecting this page are b-fold:  a) I'm paying for the web  g
space; and b) I need a "go to" page for seldom referenced, but always "needed" b
information.  I will do my best not to bore with diatribes.  Were I younger,   l
I'd likely do so.  With age comes wisdom and wisdom shows that no one likes    o
a windbag.                                                                     g
2015-01-10  I have reached a new popcorn paradigm.  Don't just use salt,       l
            use sea salt.  Seriously, popcorn with sea salt is a gajillion     o
times tastier.  Read on for instructions on making the best popcorn ever.      g
2015-01-14  I use a bicycle for year-round transportation.  Even in winter.    l
            I have temperature thresholds and road condition limits, but,      o
most days I perservere and make the 7 kilometre twice.  Truth be told,         g
cycling in winter is my favorite.                                              b
In the winter, even when outfitted with properly underinflated studded tires,  o
there's a good chance that at any given moment, the physics of soft rubber     g
with tungsten carbide studs adhering to the ground will fail and I'll go down. b
Please remember that when you are passing me way too close and way too fast in l
your four-wheel killing machine.                                               o
2015-01-28  Randomness:  Setting number of rings to voicemail on Virgin        t
            Mobile:                                                            h
*94 and press "send".  Then when it answers, press 2-9 for the number of       s
rings desired before the call goes to voicemail.                               c
Some sort of note about what looks to be setting up a sound card and           t
odds-n-ends:                                                                   c
sudo vi /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf                                         n
options snd-hda-intel model=generic                                            t
press "esc"                                                                    n
on 24-23-generic                                                               u
"e"                                                                            e
cursor down to kernel
add "acpi=off"


make clean
sudo make install

Two years ago, or so, I experienced some severe upper back pain.  It was 
pain unlike I had ever experienced in my back.  Passing a kidney stone 
was worse, but this back pain was worse than the pain attributed to my 
vascectomy healing.  The chiropractor diagonsed it as a "cervical facet
joint sprain".  He did one manipulation and the pain disappeared.

2015-03-04  Japan was delicious.

2015-04-06  After a week of hand-wringing, I renewed this domain and web
            hosting for another three years (15% discount).  I really should
let it go, but like my gambling addiction, it's hard (heheheheh, hard).
Maybe next time. 

2015-04-08  Permissions:  -rw-r--r--

2015-05-21  Regardless of how it's marketed, bottle water is an
            inconvienence.  Maybe it's how I was using it, but not drinking
bottled water has made my life better.

I hated going out and getting the bottles refilled.  I hated having to think 
about securing the filled bottles to stop them from tipping over in the trunk 
on the return trip.  I hated driving even slower than I usually do when the 
bottles were "resting upright" unsecured in the trunk.  I hated carting the 
bottles in the house.  I hated having to transfer water from the 19 litre 
bottles to smaller 4 litre bottles because we were too cheap to purchase a 
water cooler that would waste space in the kitchen because of poorly 
laid-out plugins.

I hated the fact I was paying $2 for 19 litres of water when I get 2 litres 
of water out of the tap for a penny.  I hated the fact I wasted time and 
energy doing "water runs".  I appreciated the "family-free" time this often 
granted me, but using family-free time on a task that irritates me is 
wasted time. 

I really hated the fact that the bottled water I so religiously attended to 
only had limited use in our home.   A good deal of our overall water 
consumption was "Brita-filtered" fridge-cooled tap water anyhow, filtered 
to remove the chlorine the finished water has and the algal blooms that 
plague the source water; anything boiled was straight from the tap. 

But, mostly, I hated that I bought into the rhetoric of what bottled water 
is.  Sure, bottled water is "pure water", but it's also tasteless, dead, 
corrosive water.  I remember from university learning what reverse osmosis 
water was.  Yes, it has it's uses.  One of them is not drinking.  

If our tap water was questionable, I might reconsider bottled water, but, 
regardless of what others will say, our tap water is not.  I fault the City
for many things; delivering clean, healthy, inexpensive drinking water, try 
as I might, I can not.

2016-02-18  Japan:  delicious as always.

2016-07-21  These pages are now powered by the power of a Raspberry Pi 3 
            Model B.  I take a great deal of nerdy pleasure in using low-end,
low-power computers for uncountable reasons that I will not flush out now.
The RPi3B fits the bill and more.  Plus, it's the perfect outlet for me to 
use the IBM SK-8835 keyboard I picked up in Japan this year.  The trackpoint
keyboard is, by far, my favorite.  Trackpoints will even surpass standard
IBM Model Ms (heresy!) for desireability.

2016-08-08  I've had ample time to perfect the popcorn recipe below.  I will
            keep the original text intact as an artifact.  Here's the low 
down of my studies.
I've reduced the amount of popcorn to maybe two and a half tablespoons.  Oil 
is added mainly to make the salt stick.  It is not required for popping.  An
oil-free product can be made with no other changes in cooking time.
Coconut oil makes for a superior product.

 1.  Open bag.
 2.  Add popcorn.
 3.  Add oil (a tablespoon is all that is required).
 4.  Add seasoning.
 5.  Shake to mix well.
 6.  Allow mixture to settle along a long side of bottom of bag.
 7.  Fold top as described below.
 8.  Lay bag ON ITS SIDE, wide side down, with popcorn still gathered at 
     bottom fold.
 9.  Pop as described below.
10.  Enjoy.

2016-08-14  I seriously hate buying headphones in this country.

2016-08-15  I now have the new Perfume album.  Anticipation has killed what 
            likely might have been a less critical first listen.  I appear 
to be underwhelmed.  From what I have heard, the album has none of the charm
of the previous albums.

I am sad.

2016-08-16  Hooray!?!  My $17 feature phone has arrived!  It's a million 
            times larger than the phone my mobile provider is forcing me 
to give up because of decommissioning of the CDMA network.  OK, not a million
times larger, but it goes from 108mm x 45mm x 16mm to 120mm x 50mm x 15mm 
(that's 77mL to a whopping 90mL!).

I'm mostly upset that I'm being forced to buy a new phone when I have a 
phone that still works.  Honestly.  I "love" my Samsung.  It's tiny and 
perfect in every way.  

The new "BLU" has an micro SD slot, a camera, a music player, a flash light 
and a larger keypad.  However, it does not does not have predictive text entry
or a hand strap holder.  I can't decide if that's going to be a deal killer. 

The hand strap.  Not predictive text.

2016-08-22  Disappointment:  the default setting.

2016-08-25  New Text Msg
            FROM :
            Attn Member! An       16
            older network will    19
            shut down in your     18
            area so your phone,   20
            incl 911, may not     18
            work as soon as       16
            1/31/17. Deets at     18
            vm.ca/updates         13
            CB# :                   \
            No Number                \
            2:50P Thu Aug 25          total characters:  138
Deets?  Seriously?  As much as I don't hate Virgin Mobile, their marketing 
campaign makes me want to step in front of a moving bus.  

2016-08-28  "Kareishu" raises it's smelly head once again and again I am 
            reminded that I am less than a year away from AM radio nirvana.

2016-08-31  Each day I take solace in the fact that I have one less day that
            can be ruined by difficult people.
2016-09-02  Don't do me any fucking favors.

2016-09-09  Entry removed.

2016-09-11  I have secured two future jobs, at least in my nuclear family's
            eyes:  bicycle repairman and custom blind installer.

Want a fog-free mirror in your bathroom?  Take a smaller-than-pea-size "dot"
of shampoo, lather it up in your hands and wipe down the surface of the 
mirror.  This seems to work better if the mirror has fogged over already, as 
the fog on the mirror helps spread the lathered shampoo.  I'd hazard a guess
that having your hands slightly wet would work the same on a dry mirror 
before the humidity builds.  Wipe until the surface is fog- and streak-free.
Lasts for days.  It really is a thing of beauty.

2016-09-16  The new Perfume album is still underwhelming, but it's getting
            better.  The autotuned harmonies are always pleasing and a few
of the songs rise above the mediocraty that is most of the album.   Yasutaka 
Nakata really has run out of ideas.

2016-09-19  I got my first straight edge razor today.  And there was a good
            cut above my upper lip, very reminiscent of my first days with
a safety razor.  But worse, because the cut is easily half the length of the
blade.  I finished with a safety razor.  I got my sideburns nice and clean 
with the straight edge, but to hell if I can figure out the technique for the 
rest of my face.  I suppose the technique will come in time, but that 
bloodletting was a major disappointment.  The dependant replied with "Enough 
already!  Just shave with what you know!"

I'll give it a rest for now.

2016-11-22  Skated for the first time in easily 35 years.  I love it. 
            I totally suck and the antique sakes I'm using kill my feet,
but I love it.  Regret #34562:  not skating for 35 years.

2016-11-26  The dire warnings that winter is coming prompted me to replace
            the shitty German winter tires on my winter bike, tires that
17 steps past being completely useless, with the good Finnish winter tires
that I bought last year after suffering through a winter previous with
shitty German winter tires that I bought because the local bike shop made
bullshit excuses that they couldn't bring in the Finnish tires even though
after I ordered them from a shop in the United States a seller on Amazon.ca
sold them for less than what I paid for them from the American bike shop.

The Finnish tires had better live up to the false expectations created by
my memory of cycling on them for the past twenty years.

2016-11-27  I bought skates today.  New skates.  $60 skates.  They have to
            be better than the antique skates I was killing my ankles with
from my youth.  I guess I'll find out on Tuesday.

2016-11-28  For over a week now, when I went to dial out on my mobile phone,
            the screen went black and became completely unresponsive.  
There's nothing I could do to get the screen back and I was forced to hold 
the power down and restart the phone.  What on Earth was happening?

I restarted the phone with the volume button down a couple of times and it 
brought the phone into this wonky Taiwanese Acer world, full of menus and 
buttons in Chinese only that don't ask for confirmation before they go 
ahead and do things that I don't understand.  Maybe they were root menus, 
but a good deal of them were for testing features on the phone, like 
cycling through the notification LED light colors, checking that the 
cameras work and what not.

I restarted the phone and let the OS do a bunch of "updating" of 
applications.  Once the home screen was up, I tried to make a call out with
the same response:  dead black screen, forced to restart.

Restarted again, I went into Settings/Backup & reset and did a factory data 
reset.  Note:  this particular Acer phone would not let me do this reset 
with less than 20% battery, even with the phone plugged in.

Upon restarting, I had a new phone.  It was my understanding that contacts 
saved on the SIM card are supposed to stay there.  They didn't.  My phone 
is now contact-free.  I really thought this new "smrt" world was supposed 
to be helpful.

Before I tried calling out again, I did a search for "android phone screen 
blank when make phone call".  Didn't get any real answers, but for a laugh, 
I removed the small piece of "Post-It" note that I had covering up the front
facing camera.  Can you guess what happened when I tried calling out?


Why was I covering up the front-facing camera?  Because the Chinese are 
using it to spy on me, don't you know.  And the rear-facing camera.  And 
the microphone.  Maybe I will now use a piece of translucent tape over the 
camera, so that light will still pass through (note:  this only sometimes

One good thing came out of this exercise in madness.  I now have over 2GB 
of free space on the phone's main storage; I was running with less than 
800MB prior.  I turfed a few more applications, mostly the Acer cloud shit, 
but I hardly think that four applications would free up 1.5GB of storage.  
It also appears to boot faster.  Note:  after allowing updates to run amok,
2GB was reduced to 1GB, but 1GB is better than 800MB.  Maybe now the four 
Acer apps that I turfed accounted for the difference.

I'm still pissed about losing the contacts that were supposedly on the SIM 
card.  I really thought that was the point of the SIM card was that contacts 
on the SIM card would stay on the SIM card.  I wrote down most of the 
contacts out of my old CDMA phone last night into a paper day planner that 
I sometimes carry around.  There's something comforting about writing stuff 
down.  I used a fountain pen to do so.

2016-11-29  New skates provided much support, but still killed my feet.  I
            lasted about 40 minutes before calling it quits.  But, it was
awesome.  I have no memory of skating on freshly sharpened blades so 
tonight's outing was pure bliss.  With pain.  Pain and bliss.  Why did I 
stop skating?

2016-11-30  My shortlist of personal left-handed and left-dominance issues
- pens and mechanical pencils that eventually unscrew themselves (pretty 
  much any tool that is threaded will come apart if I don't continually 
  tighten it.  Examples:  x-acto knives, safety razors.
- utility knives can be dangerous as the locking mechanism is on the wrong
- credit card swiping
- binders and coil notebooks
- tape measures (they read upside down)
- zippers
- scissors
- can openers
- knives in general
- locks and door handles
- teaching others to tie laces
- push broom handles
- track pads on laptops "set" for left-handed use
- winding mechanisms
- setting clocks
- setting most electronic devices; the layout is very often right-biased
- cameras with viewfinders

Many left-handed people complain about computer keyboards, especially those
with numeric keypads.  I've found them to not be a problem if the mouse is 
set the left side of the keyboard and the mouse buttons reversed.  This 
setup is well balanced.

I have problems with ironing, or using any power tool with a cord.  This, 
however, might be function of how terrible I am with ironing or using power
tools in general.

I learned, rather poorly, to play the guitar as a right-handed person because
all my "teachers" were right-handed.

Most of these I have learned to accomodate, but, without fail, not before 
failing at using initially.


 _____                          _
|  ___|                       _| |_              
| |    _____ __  __ _____ _  |_   _|__ _____ ____  
| |   |  _  |  \/  |  _  | | | | | / _|  _  |  _ \        
| |___| |_| | |\/| | |_| | |_| | |  / | |_| | | | |  
|_____|_____|_|  |_|  ___|_____|_|_|  |_____|_| |_|     
                   | |                                

My .vimrc file

set nocompatible
set nowrap
set ruler
set showmode
set showcmd
set smartindent
set tabstop=4
set shiftwidth=4

My userChrome.css file

/* Display the sidebar on the right */
#browser { -moz-box-direction: reverse; }

#sidebar {max-width: none !important; min-width: 0px !important;}

about:config things I've set

ui.click_hold_context_menus      set to true  \
dom.disable_window_move_resize   set to true   \_ this stuff allows
dom.disable_window_flip          set to true   /  right-clicking
dom.event.contextmenu.enabled    set to false /   where blocked

geo.enabled                      set to false

general.useragent.override       Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux armv7l; rv:45.0) 
                                 Gecko/20100101 Firefox/45.0
                                 Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux i686; rv:48.0) 
                                 Gecko/20100101 Firefox/48.0

Flash will be the death of us

sudo cp libflashplayer.so /usr/lib/flashplugin-installer/


Lists - Oh, yes, please, more lists, there can never be enough lists on the inte
Musics I currently tolerate                                                   ~e
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                                                   ~t
 1.  Babymetal
 2.  Jakalope
 3.  Perfume
 4.  Chixdiggit!
 5.  Lee Aaron


My double-edge safety razors                   Favourite double-edges
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Gillette Slim Adjustable  71g   9.2cm  TTO     Wilkinson Sword Classic
Wilkinson Classic         45g  10.6cm  2P      Dorco ST-301
Weishi                    57g          TTO     Feather Hi-Stainless
Baili                     72g   9.4cm  TTO
Feather Popular           35g  11.5cm  TTO
Dorco                     12g  11.0cm  2P

TTO:  Twist To Open  2P:  Two-piece

While I only started to shave with a safety razor in my 48th year,
shaving is no longer a chore, but a task I look forward to doing twice
a day.  Yes, twice a day:  five minutes at night after bathtime and five
to ten minutes in the morning.  

I have two favorites:  the Feather Popular and the Dorco.  Both are 
light-weight razors, which appears to be counterintuitive to modern 
shaving culture.  I also love their long handles.  The Dorco surprises

The correct number of blades a razor should have is one.  Any more and the
razor is a gimmick.  There is no need for more than one.  "Lift and cut" 
should be more properly coined "lift and ingrow".  

If shaving is painful or irritating, it's being done wrong.  The daily
task of whisker reduction should be meditative and enjoyable.  Shaving
should be a task to look forward to, not something to dread or avoid.  
Shaving should be far from routine; it should be a continuous improvement
exercise on mastering the tools and the technique of whisker reduction.

I appreciate the long-running trend of men looking like hobos with three
plus days worth of whisker growth, regardless of the trim level, because
I don't have to put the full effort into reduction to look presentable. 
This statement might seem hypocritical; while it is important to do one's
absolute best, time on Earth is finite and if I need only ten minutes to
evolve, why should I spend fifteen when it will go unnoticed?



5 minutes

- 1/4 cup (60 mL) of popping corn
- 1 1/3 tablespoon (20 mL) of cooking oil that will not smoke when heated 
  in the microwave
- salt to taste

Hot oil is hot.  So is steam.

Popcorn is addictive.

Mix popcorn, oil and salt together in an appropriate vessel suitable for 
mixing popcorn, oil and salt together.  Once the popcorn is uniformly coated
with oil and salt, dump the mixture into a brown paper "sack lunch" bag (1).
Fold over the top of the bag twice to seal; folds of 2/3 inch (15 mm) are 
appropriate; use "origami" corner folding for extra style points.  Place bag,
bottom down, in microwave.  Microwave on the highest power setting available
for 90 seconds (2).  Remove bag filled with delicious popcorn from microwave.
Handle bag carefully as it is hot and oily and take caution opening to avoid
steam.  Enjoy.

Too little oil results in poor popping performance.  The popcorn is 
surprisingly "light" tasting as the paper bag absorbs a great deal of the oil 
while popping.


(1)    Taking the time to mix the popcorn, oil and salt well before dumping 
       has empirically shown to yield a more evenly salted end product in 
       comparison to adding the salt after the popcorn/oil mixture are 
       dumped in the bag.

(2)    Cooking time is equipment dependent.  It will take a few tries to 
       narrow the cooking time down to where popping is maximised and and 
       burning is minimised.  Using an LG ("Lucky Goldstar") 0.8 cubic foot 
       microwave, this "max/min" time is 75 seconds.  An older Danby 
       "Designer" 0.8 cubic foot microwave produces similar results in 
       92 seconds.